(2010 – continuing) Satire You think it’s wrong to make fun of any religion, especially the Muslim religion?  Easily offended?  Then move along, there’s nothing to see here.  For the rationalists out there, this is for you.  This is the popular Youtube series of Mohammad Speaks videos. After the Comedy Central Show South Park’s 200th episode  [ Read More ]

(2009) Comedy 118 minutes
A Pirromount Pictures Release
Starring Gust Alexander, Ted Nichelson, Lauren Baldwin
Music by Marci Katznelson Edited by Mark Pirro
Associate Producer John Ahern
Written by Mark Pirro and Andy Guss
Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

Created for the 2009 feature comedy “The God Complex,” by filmmaker Mark Pirro himself, this 8″ plastic novelty item is truly manna from Heaven. You pray to it, then twist the crown of thorns on his head. He will respond with a loud yelp and then one of 100 different random phrases like, “Stop. I’m just the middle man,” or “Let me ask my dad!” He operates on three AAA batteries and will be the life of any party…especially if it’s a Christian church party. Not for the easily offended (or anybody who believes in an imaginary sky daddy).
Pirro will autograph it on request. $26.95 .

Rectuma (2003)

(2003) Comedy 95 minutes
A Pirromount Pictures Release
Starring Bill Devlin, Dani Leon, Alex W. Chen, Tyrone Dubosé
Music By Andrew Gold Edited by Mark Pirro
Director of Photography Lee Neville
Associate Producers Jim Rainey, John Ahern
Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

(1998) Comedy 93 Minutes
A Pirromount Productions Release
Starring Dani Leon, Verda Bridges, Luella Hill and Luke Vitale
Music by Marky Elfman
Associate Producers Ron Curtiss Jim Rainey
Director of Photography Lee Neville
Production Coordinator John Ahern
Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

Produced in 1994, this one hour documentary takes you behind the scenes of Mark Pirro’s early years, starting with his super 8 shorts he made as a teenager, through and beyond his $2500 feature film, A Polish Vampire in Burbank. See what independent filmmaking was like long before digital technology. The documentary is a bit dated, but still quite informative.

(1992) Comedy 101 Minutes [Director’s Cut]
Starring Jim Hanks Monique Parent Kitten Natavidad
Written by Mark Pirro Alan Gries Robyn Sullivent
Music by Gregg Gross Executive Producer Walter Gernert
Produced by Andrew Garroni
Associate Producer Brian Smith
Directed by Mark Pirro

(1991) Musical Comedy 90 minutes
Starring Deborah Stern. Tony Cicchetti. Darwyn Carson
Director of Photography. Craig Bassuk
Music by Gregg Gross
Songs by Gregg Gross. Joyce Mordoh. Mark Pirro
Produced by Mark Headley.
Written and Directed by Mark Pirro

Book DISCONTINUED ITEM, SORRY In this 208 page book, Pirro discusses how he produced several feature films while making $50 a week working as a theatre usher. Included are contracts, release forms, budgets, tips, secrets, and script samples. This book was written in 1994 and although it is a bit dated, it still is informative  [ Read More ]

This poster measures 17″ X 23″ and will be the envy of all your homo friends.

(1988) comedy – 84 minutes
A Pirromount Pictures Release
Starring Mike Palazzolo. Taylor Whitney. Kent Butler
Director of Photography Bruce Heinsius
Music by Gregg Gross
Produced by Mark Pirro and Sergio Bandera
Written and Directed by Mark Pirro

A Pirromount Production – A Crown International Pictures Release
Starring John McCafferty, Robyn Blythe, Beano, Paul Farbman, Debra Lamb, Esther Alise, Kent Butler, Conrad Brooks, Mark Lasky, Darwyn Carson
Writer,Director, Executive Producer Mark Pirro
Executive Producer, Sound Designer Sergio Bandera
Producer Brian J. Smith

(1983) Comedy 81 minutes
A Pirromount Pictures Release
Starring Mark Pirro Lori Sutton Bobbi Dorsch
Marya Gant and Eddie Deezen as Sphincter
Director of Photography Craig Bassuk
Music by Gregg Gross and Sergio Bandera
Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

Before there was “Polish Vampire,” before Pirromount ever tackled a no budget feature film, there were these two short films, “BUNS” (1978) and “THE SPY WHO DID IT BETTER” (1979). These films were sort of a training ground for Pirro and got him started on the road to making films without spending a lot of money. $9.99