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Long before “The Crying Game,” “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert,” “The Birdcage”and “To Wong Foo…” there was the most original homophobic comedy ever produced.

Lawrence Smalbut (Michael Palazzolo) lived your basic average macho lifestyle, until one night when he and his best friend, Richard Cheese (Kent Butler), picked up a couple of women for a little fun. During the height of passion, one of the “women” playfully bit Lawrence on the butt. He didn’t think much of it until he found out that the woman wasn’t a woman at all, but a dreaded “Dickenthrope,” AKA Queerwolf. And to make matters worse, Lawrence discovered that because he was bitten by this creature, he will transform into one himself at every full moon.

The next night, when the moon rises, Lawrence goes through a physical change; his eyelashes get longer, his wrists become limper, his butt gets fluffier, and fingernails grow out of his fingertips with red nail polish on them. Horrors! Lawrence Smalbut has become a Queerwolf.

He wakes up the next day in a men’s sauna with several gentlemen giving him the “thumbs up” sign. With the help of Madame Muddyooch, a local gypsy woman, Lawrence searches high and low in seek of a cure. He ultimately gets help from a Reverand Paddumph (Hugh O. Fields), who purges the evil force from him by performing a fagxorcism, complete with pink vomit, beer and lipstick!

Mountain Men

The “Queerbillies.” John McCafferty, Tim Ralston, Pat Hunter. McCafferty and Hunter would reprise these classic characters for a cameo in Pirromount’s 2003 comedy “Rectuma.”

“Curse Of The Queerwolf” was inspired by a character in Pirromount’s “A Polish Vampire In Burbank,” and was featured at the Raindance Film Festival in London, England.

This feature length parody of “The Wolf Man” was produced in 1988 on a budget of $10,000 and was featured on the television show “Hard Copy” along with other Pirromount films, as one of the most inexpensive features ever made (at that time).

Queerwolf and Gypsy

A Fagxorcist is performed on Larry the Queerwolf (Michael Palazzolo), by gypsy woman, Muddyooch (Sharon Alsina)

In Summer of 2001, Mark Pirro produced a 25 minute documentary entitled “Curse of the Queerwolf: Completely from Behind” for a 2002 DVD remastered release of Queerwolf.  The documentary has interviews with many of the cast and crew members who worked on Queerwolf.

Queerwolf behind scenes

Shooting the “Queerbilly” nightmare scene with John McCafferty and Patrick Hunter. Pirro (on ground) shoots and directs, as co-producer and sound designer, Sergio Bandera (on far right) checks his levels.

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 More Curse of the Queerwolf production stills


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