New Deathrow Gameshow review

by Mark Pirro    • October 17, 2018

Since Deathrow Gameshow got re-released in 2016 by Vinegar Syndrome, we’ve been finding new reviews popping up here and there.  Here is a new one by a site called “Noiseless Chatter.”  I have to say one thing.  The reviews from 2016 forward have been a lot more pleasant than the reviews from 1987.  I wonder  [ Read More ]

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Working on Sharknado 6

by Mark Pirro    • July 18, 2018

We haven’t posted much here lately because we’ve been working on Sharknado 6 (AKA “The Last Sharknado”). Good friend and longtime Pirromount alumnus, Glenn Campbell has been the visual effects supervisor on all the Sharknado films, and he had me come in last year to work on Sharknado 5. Since this current one has a  [ Read More ]

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The Trey Gowdy Show

by Mark Pirro    • July 18, 2018

Did anyone watch the hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok from July 12th? Yes, it was yet another embarrassment to the Republican party and this dysfunctional government, but as if it wasn’t funny enough, I made an observation which made it seem even funnier. This was a little video we put together after it dawned  [ Read More ]

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  We’re pleased to announce that our 2017 film, Celluloid Soul, was featured at this year’s Los Angeles Independent Film Showcase Film Festival in Beverly Hills.  The film screened on Wednesday, May 18th, at 9:45pm.  Celluloid Soul stars Lauren Baldwin, Dennis Kinard, Bill Devlin and comedian Judy Tenuta.

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Lauren Baldwin Real Foods ad

This is a commercial produced by Pirromount Pictures for a delicious product called Real Good Pizzas and Enchiladas.  The video stars Pirromount stable players Bill Devlin, Lauren Baldwin and Ron Curtiss.

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New Music Video – Stormy Daniels Blues

by Mark Pirro    • April 30, 2018

We have a president who has a pretty dissatisfied wife, and she is looking for any excuse she can to get out.  Here we have comedian Judy Tenuta as our first lady Melaria Trump singing the Stormy Daniels Blues.

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Rectuma actor Robert Clements Dies

by Mark Pirro    • April 12, 2018
Robert Clements in Rectuma

  Robert Clements, the actor who played Waldo Williams’ co-worker M.C. (inventor of the Rapolator) in our 20o3 comedy Rectuma, died Monday, April 10th, 2018 in Los Angeles.  Word is that Robert suffered a stroke about three years ago and never fully recovered. Although we only worked with Robert the one time for Rectuma, his  [ Read More ]

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Pirromount’s New Commercial

by Mark Pirro    • April 6, 2018
Lauren Baldwin Real Foods ad

So what do we do when we’re between feature films?  What do we do when we are out of ideas for new movies?  Why, we shoot commercials, of course.  We just finished shooting a new commercial for a product called “Real Good Food’s Pizza and Enchiladas,” utilizing Pirromount regulars Bill Devlin (Rectuma, Rage of Innocence),  [ Read More ]

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A new “God Complex” review

by Mark Pirro    • February 23, 2018

There’s a website that’s been reviewing a few of my later films.  They just posted a review of my Biblical comedy, “The God Complex.”  As I imagine most of you know, The God Complex is a comedy based on some of the more popular stories of the Bible.  This film was very popular at some  [ Read More ]

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Celluloid Soul – First mini review

by Mark Pirro    • February 10, 2018
Lauren Baldwin and Dennis Kinard in Pirromount's Celluloid Soul

As our 2017 feature film, Celluloid Soul, starts making its way around the festival circuit, it has received its first review.  It’s from a website called “SearchMyTrash.”  Not the most inviting title, but we take whatever publicity we can get.  Naturally, as a new film circulates around the festival world, there will be good comments  [ Read More ]

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New Interview with Director Mark Pirro

by Mark Pirro    • February 8, 2018

Filmmaker Mark Pirro was interviewed recently for a website called “Search My Trash.”  The interview has a series of questions and answers, and covers most of Pirro’s films right up to his most recent: Celluloid Soul. As always, Pirro is quite candid in his anecdotes regarding his 35 plus years in the ultra low budget  [ Read More ]

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Mohahappy New Year. The Mighty Muslim Prophet Returns for 2018

by Mark Pirro    • January 4, 2018
Pirromount's Mohahappy

The Mighty Mohahappy T. Prophette makes his triumphant return for 2018 in his newest rant condemning…who else…President Dumbfuck 45.  Mo has lived a happy life in retirement since he last offered his pearls of wisdom, but you can’t keep a good prophet down and we should have suspected that his return was imminent.  In a  [ Read More ]

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Tom McDonald (very first Pirromount actor) Dies at 60

by Mark Pirro    • December 10, 2017
Mark pirro, tom Mcdonald

I’m sad to report yet another death in the Pirromount family.  This one hits quite close to home because Tom McDonald, who died December 8th, 2017 of ALS, was literally the one responsible for the formation of Pirromount Pictures.  Let me explain: in 1969, when I was still in junior high in Ithaca, NY, my  [ Read More ]

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Early Pirromount actor Conrad Brooks Dies at 86

by Mark Pirro    • December 7, 2017
Polish Vampire Conrad Brooks

I’m sorry to announce that Conrad Brooks – featured in three Pirromount films, and the last surviving cast member of the Ed Wood cult classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” passed away in his home December 6th, 2017. I met Conrad in 1981 as I was just starting my first feature film, A Polish Vampire  [ Read More ]

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Pirromount’s Fun With Politics

by Mark Pirro    • December 1, 2017

Sometimes, when we’re between feature film projects, we like to reflect on life with short videos.  On December 1st, 2017, President Dotard’s early campaign manager Mike Flynn pled guilty to the felony charge of lying to the FBI, which is another brick dropping in the scandal of the administration of the 1st fake president of  [ Read More ]

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12 Days of Trumpmas

by Mark Pirro    • November 13, 2017
pirromount christmas video

Here we are, one year since President Pussygrab started the embarrassmet of America’s standing in the world.  One year since we were able see all the vermin, racists, bigots, misogynists and Xenophobes come out from the shadows and move into the mainstream.  One year since you found out that one or two of your relatives  [ Read More ]

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pirromount christmas video

Well, as the ChristMyAss season is upon us, we thought we would create something in the spirit of the season, so we put together this music video, The 12 Days of Trumpmas.  Having the stupidest and most inept president our country has ever seen, we really enjoy taking solace in giving him the ridiculing and  [ Read More ]

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Pirromount offers phone Consultation For Your Film Project

by Mark Pirro    • November 9, 2017
Filmmaker Mark Pirro in a segment from Entertainment Tonight, promoting his 1991 movie Nudist Colony of the Dead

As you may know, we have been making ultra low budget feature films for a very long time (first film produced in 1983), and we get many emails from young filmmakers asking how we’ve been able to produce films for 35 years without going broke in the process.  Well, the trick has always been to  [ Read More ]

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It’s not an ‘official’ release, but it’s the closest thing until we get there. Prior to our streaming video distribution, we will be selling a limited number of DVDs of our 2017 feature film, Celluloid Soul, starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin and Judy Tenuta.  We plan on having this movie on streaming media sometime in  [ Read More ]

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Mountain Grrrl

by Mark Pirro    • November 2, 2017
judy tenuta, pirromount

We just completed producing a new music video featuring comedian Judy Tenuta.  “Mountain Grrrl” is something our Republican fans will be able to relate to.  Check it out below and feel free to leave any comments you may  have.

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Uncertain Movies for Uncertain Times

by Mark Pirro    • October 31, 2017

As we consider what our next project will be, it’s not uncommon to reflect upon the times we’re living in.  The world has been going askew for several years now and filmmaking can choose to reflect that.  Although we’re not really inspired to make a movie about President Dolt 45, we do enjoy making streaming  [ Read More ]

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Deathrow Gameshow – 30th Anniversary Screening

by Mark Pirro    • October 12, 2017
Foreign poster for Pirromount's feature film Deathrow Gameshow, featuring John McCafferty

Well here we go again.  It’s time for yet another anniversary in the Pirromount world. 30 years ago, October 1987, we completed our feature comedy “Deathrow Gameshow” starring Pirromount regular John McCafferty and Robyn Blythe.  The film played theatrically in 40 cities across this great country, in the shadow of a movie called “The Running  [ Read More ]

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Production suspended on Judy Tenuta Feature Film project

by Mark Pirro    • October 5, 2017

  The Judy Tenuta project that we were scheduled to produce next year has been suspended for now.  I don’t have a reason to give you except that she decided to put a halt to it at this time.  Thank you to all who submitted, and all who were committed to getting involved.  That includes  [ Read More ]

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NFL, President Dotard and Bended Knees

by Mark Pirro    • September 26, 2017

We at Pirromount have never been much of football fans, or any sports for that matter, but we are fans of what’s right.  And with all the new controversies that our Dotard in Chief has stirred up (obviously to distract from the criminal Russia investigation he’s under), we offer a bended knee in support of  [ Read More ]

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God Will Answer Prayers

by Mark Pirro    • September 20, 2017
submissive jesus

Yes, God will answer all of the thoughts and prayers of those affected by hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters…just as soon as he starts existing.  But why wait for that?  You can get the answers to all of your prayers immediately by getting “The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head.” Created for our 2009  [ Read More ]

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