We produced this half hour documentary reflecting on the making of our first 35mm feature film, Deathrow Gameshow (1987). It was quite an experience making the film and also quite an experience remembering many aspects of making the film. Those reflecting in this documentary are director Mark Pirro, actors John McCafferty, Robyn Blythe, Darwyn Carson,  [ Read More ]

This short film is a profile of actor Rik Martino (A Polish Vampire in Burbank), who for many years, fed pigeons in Silverlake, California.  He would spend about $10 a day (of money he sometimes would beg for) to make sure these feathered creatures always had a daily meal.  We put together this little documentary  [ Read More ]

A Pirromount Production
(2002) 30 minutes Behind the scenes documentary on
Curse Of The Queerwolf
Featuring interviews with cast members: Taylor Whitney, Kent Butler, Mark Pirro, Rodney Trappe, John McCafferty and Pat Hunter

(2001) Documentary 30 minutes A Pirromount Production
A behind the scenes documentary on A Polish Vampire in Burbank
Featuring interviews with: Mark Pirro, Lori Sutton, Marya Gant, Alfie Pearl, Tyrone Dubose’ and John McCafferty
Narrated by Forrest J Ackerman

Produced in 1994, this one hour documentary takes you behind the scenes of Mark Pirro’s early years, starting with his super 8 shorts he made as a teenager, through and beyond his $2500 feature film, A Polish Vampire in Burbank. See what independent filmmaking was like long before digital technology. The documentary is a bit dated, but still quite informative.