New Pirromount movie for 2021

Mark Pirro    • October 8, 2019

We finished our script for our new movie. The working title is “The Deceased Won’t Desist.” It’s about a guy named Rudy who passed away and has his lawyer invite a bunch of people to his isolated cabin in the mountains in order to find out what he’s left them from his estate. It turns  [ Read More ]

Three Pirromount Movies Now Streaming on TUBI-TV

Mark Pirro    • September 26, 2019

Three of our films, “Rage of Innocence” starring Stef Dawson and John McCafferty, “Rectuma” starring Bill Devlin and Dani Leon, and “Nudist Colony of the Dead” starring Tony Cicchetti and Deborah Stern are now streaming on Tubi-TV. This is a free streaming channel that has hundreds of films available. Our films are unedited and have  [ Read More ]

Did We Get Ripped Off?

Mark Pirro    • September 19, 2019

Awhile back, it was brought to our attention that there is a Japanese movie being distributed by Warner Brothers that looks dangerously close to our film, Celluloid Soul. We posted our first synopsis and trailer around mid-2016. This Japanese film, which is entitled “Tonight at the Romance Theater” started posting their trailer around 2018, when  [ Read More ]

A Brief Rundown of Pirromount Films

Mark Pirro    • September 3, 2019

From 1978 to today, we’ve been producing ultra low budget films for the home video market, cable television and now streaming media. We’ve produced 10 feature films and several shorts, with hopefully a few more on the horizon. Here is a brief sampling of the features we’ve done over the years all rolled up into  [ Read More ]


Mark Pirro    • August 24, 2019

Color-Blinded, our racial bending romantic comedy produced in 1998 turns 21 this year. That means it’s finally old enough to drink. The first and only Pirromount film to be shot on Hi8 Video, when the format was coming of age, stars Dani Leon, Verda Bridges, Luke Vitale, Luella Hill, and Tyrone Dubose’. The movie can  [ Read More ]