Web Series

Since 1995, we have produced an annual program called “The Marky Fun Tape.” This started out as nothing more than home movies, which was primarily made for family and friends, but over the years has evolved into a self-contained variety show. Initially, the videos were produced on VHS and sent around the country to all  [ Read More ]

This is a series of videos utilizing a variety of Creepy Puppets from the Pirromount ensemble.  The songs featured range from popular to the obscure.  The Pirromount Creepy Puppets have a unique and offbeat style not found anywhere else.  All videos here were produced by Pirromount Pictures, and edited by Mark Pirro.  Some of the  [ Read More ]

We are also producing the Judy Tenuta video series, “The World Accordion to Judy,” which is a series of video rants by the legendary love goddess. This is a weekly series which can be found on Youtube and on various other social media networks. We have produced over 30 of these short videos so far. You  [ Read More ]

(2010 – continuing) Satire You think it’s wrong to make fun of any religion, especially the Muslim religion?  Easily offended?  Then move along, there’s nothing to see here.  For the rationalists out there, this is for you.  This is the popular Youtube series of Mohammad Speaks videos. After the Comedy Central Show South Park’s 200th episode  [ Read More ]