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(2010 – continuing) Satire
Mohammad Speaks You think it’s wrong to make fun of any religion, especially the Muslim religion?  Easily offended?  Then move along, there’s nothing to see here.  For the rationalists out there, this is for you.  This is the popular Youtube series of Mohammad Speaks videos. After the Comedy Central Show South Park’s 200th episode got censored for depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad, we decided to make a series of videos where the mighty Mohammad himself enlightens everyone about everything from freedom of speech to baseball. This DVD contains all Mohammad Speaks videos (the original 18 and additional Mohammad videos added after his retirement). As an added bonus, this DVD also includes all six “Submissive Jesus” video spots. And just to round out the package, we’ve included the original release trailer to Pirromount’s 2009 biblical comedy, “The God Complex.” Sure, you can watch them streaming off the Internet, but why not have them all on one disk?  Blasphemy has never been so cool. $10.00

You can see a few of these videos below.


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