Before there were any reality shows on television, there was DEATHROW GAMSESHOW. Chuck Toedan (John McCafferty) is the host of a national game show called “Live Or Die.” It’s basically like any other game show with one small exception: the contestants are death row inmates and if they lose…they really lose.

Toedan rationalizes that, “these people are going to die anyway, so why not on television?” It is also fact that since the show has been on the air, there has been a significant drop in violent crime.

One of the people strongly opposed to the show is feminist leader, Gloria Sternvirgin (Robyn Blythe), founder of W.A.A.M.A.F. – Women Against Anything Men Are For. When a mafia hit man’s mother accidentally gets killed on the show, Toedan becomes a target himself, and since Gloria happens to be with him at the time, she, too, is marked. Toedan gets caught and, with Gloria beside him, becomes a reluctant contestant on his own show.

“Deathrow Gameshow” was produced on a budget of $200,000 in 1987 by Pirromount. It was distributed by Crown International Pictures, makers of such cinematic treasures as “Galaxina,” “The Van” and “Hunk.” It was the first 35mm film for Pirromount and has grossed over a million and a half dollars in the home video market and on cable television. In 1997, Pirromount had to sue Crown for royalties due them. The case was settled out of court.

For Pirromount’s 2003 comedy RECTUMA, John McCafferty and Robyn Blythe made comical cameos (in Robyn’s case, paying homage to her role in Deathrow Gameshow).

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