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Jeeter Buford’s (Jim Hanks) never been with a woman, and for good reason; every time one touches him, he goes into a psychotic convulsion. He’s spent the better part of his youth in mental institutions until the day he got released to his father, fast food mogul Harry Buford (Barrett Cooper) – owner of “The Bunny Hole,” the only barbecue bunny burger restaurant in the valley.

Harry is thrilled to see Jeeter has returned and believes his son has been cured; “I don’t wet my bed anymore – I’ve wet other peoples’ though.” Of course, the first encounter Jeeter has with a woman causes him to go right back into his convulsions. Having always been a “no nonsense” kind of guy, Harry puts an offer out to his beautiful, sexy waitresses: whomever can cure his son gets a personal check for $100,000. Well, the race is on to see who can collect.


The Bunnies – Monique Parent, Rikki Brando, Amy Page

“Buford’s Beach Bunnies” was produced in 1992 by Axis Films International, a soft core sex film company who had made their mark on cable television by creating a series of erotic thrillers and dramas. When Axis approached Mark Pirro, they had a desire to produce a movie which had the sexy elements of their earlier films with the comedic elements of Pirromount films. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work for either Axis or Pirromount, as Axis wanted more sex and Pirromount wanted more comedy. An unsatisfactory compromise was made when the film was released on tape by Imperial Home Video: approximately 20 minutes of the “comedy” was cut to make the shortage of sex seem…well, less short.Since its original release in 1992, this movie has been edited again and again by the various companies who have acquired it over the years.  The original director’s cut has not been officially released since then.

mark monique

Mark Pirro and Monique Parent between takes

Although the uncut version is tough to find, USA Network has run a version which is closer to the director’s original vision. Naturally, the sex is cut for television, but a bit more of the comedy is there. The film was also marred by some inept casting by an auctioneer turned “casting director.”

In 1995, “A Current Affair” did a cover story on how Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Forrest Gump seemed to have derived itself from Jim’s (Tom’s brother) 1992 portrayal of Jeeter – both similiar type characters.

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