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John and Jeri

John McCafferty and Jeri Lee Ott in Pirromount's "The Spy Who Did It Better" (1979)

Pirro in Buns

Mark Pirro as the deranged "hamburger killer" in Pirromount's short subject, "Buns" (1978)

Before a Polish Vampire in Burbank, before Queerwolf, Mark Pirro produced these two short films, “BUNS” (1978) and “THE SPY WHO DID IT BETTER” (1979). These films were sort of a training ground for Pirro and got him started on the road to making films without spending a lot of money. “Buns” is a 21 minute comedy about a man named Rex (Mark Pirro) who goes into a murderous frenzy every time he sees a hamburger. “The Spy Who Did It Better” is a 45 minute James Bond parody which takes you from L.A to Las Vegas on a budget of $1200. The films are crudely produced, the production value hasn’t quite hit the mark yet, but the comedy is sheer Pirro.  65 Min.   $9.99

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