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Rectuma (2003)


Poster for RectumaWaldo Williams returns from his Tijuana vacation to find out that he had become infected by the Notorious Mexican Butt Humping Bullfrog. After being diagnosed by his proctologist with just days to live, Waldo seeks the help of the mysterious Japanese specialist, Dr. Wansamsaki, who treats Waldo with his unorthodox methods, which involve a long nuclear rod. The next day, Waldo’s rear end starts glowing a bright green – and that’s only the beginning. Within days, Waldo’s rear end develops a mind of its own, becoming capable of breaking away in the middle of the night, committing a mur­der or two and then returning before morning, leaving a fecal trail that leads right to Waldo’s bedroom.

Jim and Jean

Detectives Cipolla (Jean Black) and Cosacca (Jim Rainey) hot on the fecal trail of Rectuma

Bill and Dani

Waldo (Bill Devlin) tells his wife, Valveeta (Dani Leon), that something is wrong with his ass

After his wife and her lover are murdered, Waldo’s DNA is discovered at the scene of the crime, and an arrest is made. While in custody, Waldo’s rear breaks away, attacks one of the detectives and begins a destructive rampage throughout Los Angeles. As the butt’s metabolism races, it becomes larger and lar­ger, swallowing up citizens left and right. Eventually Dr. Wansamsaki calls in Tashira, an expert in fighting giant creatures. Having battled the likes of Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, ToeCheeseula, Pus-ula, and Schmegmala, Tashira now has to match wits with his greatest adver­sary, Rectuma.

Japanese chorus

Mark Pirro directs the Japanese Chorus (Hiromi Nishiyama and Rachel Morehiro)

Offbeat, bizarre and refreshingly original, Rectuma has all the unusual comedy elements that have become a trademark of Pirromount films. Rectuma premiered at the American Film Institute in December 2003, and ran weekends at the Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theatre in Hollywood throughout the month of April 2004. In May 2004, it screened at the Cannes Film Festival to a very receptive crowd. In February 2005, it was featured at the Berlin Film Festival.  We can guarantee you that you have never seen a movie like Rectuma before…ever.

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Rectuma Video Clips

Video Review – Rectuma – CowFest 2011 – S1E5.1415926 from Horror Extreme on Vimeo.

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