The semi-Complete Pirromount Movie Collection


Practically all Mark Pirro films in one bundle


35 Years of Mark Pirro Movies all at once

This truly is the ultimate Pirromount movie collection.  From the outrageous comedy “A Polish Vampire in Burbank” (1983) to the romantic fantasy Celluloid Soul (2017), filmmaker Mark Pirro has been producing entertaining movies on the tiniest of budgets for over 35 years.  Some of his films have had national exposure, others have become hard to find, but in this collection, you get them all.  Many have supplemental material and have been remastered.  This collection includes:

1) A Polish Vampire in Burbank (1983) DVD. Pirromount’s first feature film shot on a budget of $2500 and the lowest budgeted movie to run on USA Network for two years.  This DVD comes with a commentary track, behind the scenes documentary, trailers and more.

2) Deathrow Gameshow (1987) DVD/Blu-ray combo. Released by Vinegar Syndrome, this comes with numerous supplements not in the any other release: Actor/director commentary track, making-of documentary, a remastered version of the feature (as well as the original 1987 version), PLUS two early Pirromount shorts – BUNS and THE SPY WHO DID IT BETTER featuring Deathrow Gameshow star John McCafferty.  This is the ultimate Deathrow Gameshow collection.

3) Curse of the Queerwolf (1988) A retelling of the old Wolfman stories with a bit of an edge.  Queerwolf was made at a time before transgender was a popular word.  This comes with a commentary track, behind the scenes documentary and more.

4) Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991) Pirromount’s horror/comedy/zombie/musical.  Included actor/director commentary track, a behind the scenes short, and four songs created for a 1995 stage version, not in the original movie.

5) Color-Blinded (1998) What happens when a black beauty wakes up one day as a blonde bombshell?  Probably more questions than answers.  Includes director/actor Commentary track

6) Rectuma (2003) A giant ass is on the loose in Los Angeles.  Need we say more?  Includes director commentary track and some behind the scenes

7) The God Complex (2009) The Bible retold with a slightly biased point of view.  Includes actor/director Commentary track and some behind the scenes footage

8) Rage of Innocence (2014) Pirromount’s first non-comedy.  A departure from Pirro’s early comedy work.  Rage is a psychological thriller about a 15-year-old sociopathic girl and the man she wants to keep away from her single mother.  Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.  This comes with actor/director commentary track, behind the scenes, still gallery.

9) Celluloid Soul (2017)  This is the most recent Pirromount Film, and as the previous release, is a bit of a departure from the offbeat Mark Pirro comedies of the past.  Celluloid Soul is a romantic fantasy about a down and out writer who stumbles across some movies from the 1930s and falls for an actress from that time.  He discovers that she’s still alive and they agree to meet.  However, what arrives on his doorstep is an image that makes him question his own sanity.


With the exception of “Buford’s Beach Bunnies,” this is the complete Pirromount film collection.  Most of these movies were created on budgets lower than the cost of most studio films’ catering budget.  So, if you’d like to replace your old VHS copies with something a bit more modern, now’s your chance to get them all at once.  These are either DVDs or DVDR’s, and many of them have been remastered from their original release prints.  Deathrow Gameshow is a DVD/Bluray Combo.  If you’d like to learn more about each film individually, just click on the individual film title, and you can read all about them (you can also see trailers by clicking here).

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