We recently started filming scenes with longtime Pirromount actor Bill Devlin.  Bill plays Patrick Fischer in our newest movie, “Celluloid Soul.”  Patrick is best friend to Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard), who tries to convince Monty to seek mental treatment after Monty starts having an affair with the black and white version of an actress from the 1930s.  Bill made his Pirromount debut with the 2003 comedy, “Rectuma.”  He has appeared in every Pirromount movie since then, playing Noah in the 2009 satire “The God Complex,” and the good friend of the tormented hero in 2014’s thriller “Rage of Innocence.”  Also joining the cast is Anne DeVenzio, who had a small featured role in “Rage of Innocence,” but has appeared numerous times in Pirromount’s annual “Marky Fun Tapes” (now available online).

Bill Devlin Anne DeVenzio in "Celluloid Soul" coming in 2017 from Pirromount

Bill Devlin and Anne DeVenzio

It’s always a joy to work with people we know we can depend on, and Bill has certainly demonstrated his reliability film after film.  At this time we are a little over a month into production (actually 9 shooting days), and have about 1/2 hour of edited footage in the can.  We will be working on this film throughout the year, with a possible rough cut by late autumn.  We’ll see.  One thing about our movies is we can’t set a schedule in stone, since we always have to work around actors’ schedules.  However, we have gotten that technique down to a science.

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