The new scene which is a ‘movie within a movie’ for our upcoming feature, “Celluloid Soul” brings back Pirromount alumnus Jean Black (Rectuma) and longtime Pirromount actor John McCafferty, starring in the fictitious movie “The Lonely Lady in 228” (1939).  
jean johnida

In this scene, Theo Thesp (McCafferty) confronts his floozy wife Cipolla These (Black) about an affair she’s having, while their maid, Shirley (played as B-movie actress Ida Beswick by Lauren Baldwin) witnesses the whole thing. Click below to see a short sample of the scene.

This scene was shot in the vintage looking kitchen of Ms. Black, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. It’s really a fun challenge to take pristine looking footage and ‘age’ it appropriately for these 77 year old film segments. There are two old time film segments in our movie, and they both look quite ancient.  We plan on having this movie out by 2017.

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