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The movie that puts the fiction back into the crucifixion.




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Meet Almighty God, or as he’s known to his friends, Alan Marty God.  He’s short, bald, fat and wears a bowling shirt.  All he’s ever wanted was to create a little world, get some love and respect, and have a hot girlfriend.  This film follows God from his genesis ‘in the beginning,’ to contemporary times, where he works as a mild mannered manufacturer for a great metropolitan toy company. In addition to God, you’ll meet Adam and Eve (and Pete); Noah and his wife, Yessah; Moses and the burning bush; Abraham and his son Isaac (the first case of child abuse); and of course, Jesus – God’s unwanted child.  This film pulls no punches as you discover that God may have been the world’s first sociopath.  The film stars Gust Alexander, Ted Nichelson, Lauren Baldwin and Dennis Kinard.  Hold on to your logic, this is not your father’s “Greatest Story Ever Told.”


Bill Devlin Gust Alexander Top Picture: God tests Job’s (Max Cartagena) love by killing his family and destroying his body (nice guy)   Bottom Picture: God (Gust Alexander on right) explains to Noah (Bill Devlin on left) his plans for destroying the world.


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6 Responses so far.

  1. jeevan preet singh says:

    I’ve seen this awesome movie online a while back but can’t find it online anymore 🙁 I’m in India so can you suggest anyway to get hold of it?

    Mark Pirro Reponds:

    Well, you could always purchase it through this website.

  2. Pastor Matthew says:

    You should all read psalms 23:4..

    Mark Pirro Reponds:

    You should read “The God Delusion.”

  3. John says:

    Want to purchase “The God Complex” however live in Bahrain….muslim country and full of raving god botherers…if try to ship to me then will definitely end up with at the very least goods will be confiscated…at worst go to jail. Can I get this as a download?

    Mark Pirro Reponds:

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any downloads available, however, there are pirate video and bit torrent sites you might be able to find it on (like thepiratebay.com for one). If that doesn’t work for you, maybe we can send it to you in an unmarked box. Hate to see anyone get in trouble just for watching a comedy of ours.

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