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This review from a couple of English blokes was just brought to our attention.  Here’s a couple of fellas who actually ‘get it.’  And these are precisely the sort of people we made our films for.

What amazes me is that after almost 30 years, this film is still just being discovered by some.  I guess that’s the beauty of filmmaking.  You can create something and then decades later it can be appreciated by folks who weren’t even around when you made it.  That’s the definition of immortality.  Anyway, if you’ve got a half hour to spare, check out their review.  I have to admit, their laughter can be infectious.

As comments come in on this review, I found one that was particularly heartwarming.  This was posted by viewer Bill Karnes in the comments section of Youtube.

In my teens, I didn’t want to be gay. I went to psychologists and counselors to not be gay. Last ditch effort, joined the US Army (put me in a situation with 99% men and they are all in uniform….yeah, that’ll straighten me right up!). I accepted that I was gay in 1989 and less than 2 years later, discovered I was HIV+. Right after my life totally crashed (finding out, losing my first love and many friends during the process), I needed a laugh and rented this movie. I laughed so hard that when I went back to the store, I had to purchase the copy, and I’m glad I did! For many years, I took this movie with me to Halloween parties and it was always a hit with the gays and the straights!
Mark Pirro, this movie has given me, and friends, more laughs than I could have ever imagined.


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