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Marky Fun Tapes now (secretly) online

Mark Pirro March 10, 2016

Close up of Marky with the words Marky Fun Tape over it

For over 20 years, we’ve been producing what we refer to as “Marky Fun Tapes.” These are basically home movies that over time started taking on the appearance of a variety show. These videos would go out to friends and family via VHS or later DVD. If you were on our list, you’d get these annually around the beginning of every year. Since 2012 we started posting them, unlisted, online. The private links would then be emailed to the friends and relatives who would no longer need to receive DVDs.

Awhile back, some have contacted us asking if it were possible to see some of the pre-2012 Fun Tapes, so I decided to post some of the earlier ones. The links are still private, and the ONLY way you can find them is through this website. So, for all the Marky Fun Tape Fans out there, here is the secret link to take you to the archived Fun Tapes.

Understand that each one of these run over 90 minutes, and some parts can only be truly appreciated by those who are connected to us in one way or another.  However, there are other parts that are universally entertaining.  So, pick your year, click the link, and enjoy the Marky Fun Tapes.

Find all of our titles -- and other fun things -- for sale on the Pirrophernalia page.

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