Celluloid Soul begins principal photography

Mark Pirro February 21, 2016

February 20th – Day One

Pirromount slate for Celluloid Soul

We began production on our 10th feature film, “Celluloid Soul” on Saturday, Feb. 20th, 2016.  We have broken this film down to approximately 19 shooting days.  However, as many of you who are familiar with Pirromount Productions know, those 19 days will very likely be spread out over several months.  Such is the schedule of a film with no budget.  We work around actors’ and crews’ lives and come together to chip away at a scene here, an insert there, etc.  Eventually, we have a finished product.  That’s the way we’ve been doing it for over 30 years, so why alter a finely oiled machine?

On day one, we knocked out about 11 pages of script in a five hour shooting day – which is about average for us.  The only actor involved in today’s shooting was Dennis Kinard, who some of you may remember, or not, played Jesus in our 2009 comedy, “The God Complex.”  And like actor Jim Caviezel, looks completely different than when he played the mythological super hero Jesus.

Dennis Kinard in a scene from Celluloid Soul.

Dennis Kinard as a troubled writer Monty Suggins  in “Celluloid Soul,” 


Jesus and Judas in pirromount's God Complex.

Dennis Kinard (right) as the mythical super hero Jesus Christ, alongside the late composer Andrew Gold (on left) as Judas in the 2009 Pirromount comedy, “The God Complex.”

So we got through the day with no troubles at all.  Dennis is a well disciplined actor, knowing his lines and taking direction quite well.  As this cinematic train leaves the station, I look forward to see where the journey takes us.  Hopefully we will get through this with minimal bumps along the road.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

Cameraman Bruce Heinsius filming actor Dennis Kinard for Pirromount's "Celluloid Soul."

Long time Pirromount associate Bruce Heinsius back again as director of photographer for Pirromount’s newest film, “Celluloid Soul.”

Another long time Pirromount associate, John Ahern is back for his fifth collaboration with us.

Another long time Pirromount associate, John Ahern (on slate) is back for his fifth Pirromount collaboration.



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