Bat Pajamas – Polish Vampire



$4000bat pajamas


These are the one, the only, the original bat pajamas worn by Mark Pirro in the 1983 cult comedy, “A Polish Vampire in Burbank.” Yes, this is the original. These 30 year old pajamas have red bats, drawn by Pirro himself, all over them.   These pajamas were once offered as an Ebay auction, but the bidder flaked, so we are now offering them here.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this one of a kind item.  Interested in the pajamas, but don’t want to spend as much?  We MIGHT consider breaking up the pajamas and sell the top and bottom separately.  Contact us if that idea interests you.  We’re pretty laid back here.

Back in 2011, we offered these up for auction at Ebay.  There was interest, but the bids didn’t reach our reserve, so we decided to just offer the pajamas here on our site.  Here is a video promoting the original Ebay auction.

NOTE: We would consider breaking it in two – selling half (top or bottom) for $2000.