Fake FX Arm – Queerwolf Prop






This is the fake arm used to represent the growing nails from the 1988 Pirromount comedy “Curse of the Queerwolf.”  This is from the transformation scene, where Larry becomes a Queerwolf for the first time in the movie.  This arm was designed to have red nails push through the fingertips, and is utilized quite clearly in the movie.  The nails are no longer a part of this prop, but the arm and hand look very lifelike, except for the holes where the nails once were.

IMG_5629This was designed by special effects artist Tim Ralston, who also had a part in the movie as the ‘Queerbilly” up in a tree playing a banjo.

IMG_5630As usual with all our items, this is a one of a kind prop from the movie.  There were no duplicates.

qw arm mike qw arm