Silver Dildo and Case from Queerwolf



$3000IMG_5603This is it.  The only defense you have against the Curse of the Queerwolf.  This is the original silver dildo and case used in the 1988 Pirromount comedy “Curse of the Queerwolf.”  There was only one made and used in the movie and this is it.  Many have asked for this item, but it has not been available for sale until now (Pirro is getting less sentimental in his old age).


The wooden box is approximately 11″ X 7″ and has a soft cushy pillow interior.  There is a crevice in the pillow for the silver weapon to rest upon.  The dildo itself is made of plastic and may or may not actually vibrate.  The dildo was never used for anything other than the movie, so if you are looking for a real silver vibrator to use (pervert), I wouldn’t recommend this one.  The hinges work, box opens and closes fine.  The paper coating on the top of the box is peeling and worn, but then again, it was that way in the movie too.

IMG_5604Upon request, director Mark Pirro will autograph and personalize the bottom of the box for you.


Below you can see it in action in the movie.



Pssst.  Here’s a little trivia bonus.  This same case was used again 14 years later in the 2003 Pirromount comedy, Rectuma.  This was the case that contained the nuclear rods used by Dr. Wansamsaki.  Nothing about the box was altered for that movie.  In fact, in Rectuma, you can see the dildo indentation from its Queerwolf appearance.  Below, you can see how the box was utilized in Rectuma.  So you get two Pirromount movie collectable items rolled into one.

rectuma dildo box1rectuma dildo box 2

As with all our props, this is a one of a kind item, created for the movie and there are no duplicates.  Price too high for you?  We may consider offers.