“Fak Yu’ T-shirt from Queerwolf




This is the quite rare “FAK YU” T-shirt worn by Richard Cheese (Kent Butler) in Pirromount’s 1988 Comedy “Curse of the Queerwolf.”  He wore it in two scenes: one where he is trying to help Forrest J Ackerman kick his alcohol addiction, and in the scene that followed.  This cotton T-shirt was only used in this one film and then put into the archives.  It was washed since the movie, but there are still remnants of Kent Butler’s sweat stains in the pit areas.  Cool, huh?  This shirt is over 25 years old, but has held up pretty well, with no rips or tears.  As with many of our other rare collectable items from our movies, this comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by director Mark Pirro.


Below, you can see a couple of frame grabs from the movie.  Pictured are Michael Palazzolo and Kent Butler