Sphincter Skull – Polish Vampire



$1500IMG_5650This was the skull used as “Sphincter” in Pirromount’s 1983 comedy “A Polish Vampire in Burbank.”  The glasses, eyes and cap are gone, but the rest remains in tact.  It has yellowed a bit with age.  There’s even a little clay in the left eye socket (which was used to hold the eyeballs in place while filming).  This skull is plastic and the jaw opens and closes.


In the movie, the skull was attached to various objects like coat hangers, broom poles, and even a mannequin body to give it some sort of life.

skull2The jaw was then manipulated as best as possible in the tradition of a hand puppet.  Here’s a little trivia for you.  The same skull was used at the end of the movie to represent Dupah after he burned up in the sun.

skull3This skull was also seen in the 2001 behind the scenes documentary: Polish Vampire Behind the Fangs.  This skull has been through a lot to get here, and now it can be yours.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by director Mark Pirro.