Sphincter Portrait Polish Vampire



$1200 – This is the original “Sphincter” poster that was hanging on the wall of Dupah’s bedroom in Pirromount’s 1983 comedy, “A Polish Vampire in Burbank.”  It was based on the likeness of character actor Eddie Deezen, who played Sphincter in the movie.  As with all our prop items, this is a one of a kind original.  It was the only one made and is seen many times throughout the movie.  When this one sells, that’s it.  There are no more.

IMG_5662We’re not entirely sure about what types of paints were used to create this poster, but it has held up pretty well.  The edges are frayed a bit and the words “beloved son” at the bottom of the poster are not as prominent as they originally were.  This will come personally autographed to you by actor/director Mark Pirro.  It measures 17″ X 20″ and still has some of the original 30 year old cobwebs over it.

Below, you can see actual frame grabs of how the poster appeared in the movie.

deexen portrait

deexen portrait2

deexen portrait3