John Wayne Medallion – Queerwolf Movie Prop $500. SORRY – SOLD OUT



Now you can be forever protected from the forces of Dickenthropy with this unique, one of a kind movie prop from the 1988 Pirromount movie, “Curse of the Queerwolf.”  This medal was worn prominently throughout the last part of the movie by actor Michael Palazzolo.  As with all our items, this is a one of a kind prop that was made exclusively for the movie and no other one exists in the world.  When this sells, it’s gone forever.

IMG_5634This is suggested for display only.  It’s not in the best condition to wear.  There is a lot of tape and adhesive material on the back, which is the way it was originally designed.  Since it was never intended to be seen from the back in the movie, it didn’t matter.

IMG_5636There is a thin sheet of plastic over the image of John Wayne, as it was in the movie. Some of the jewels that were attached to it at the bottom are no longer there.

medallian medallian2