70’s Pirromount Actress Dies

Mark Pirro November 14, 2015

I’m sorry to report that one of the very first actresses ever in a Pirromount film has passed away.  Jane Jasper, who played one of the victims of the “Hamburger Killer” in our 1978 short film, “Buns,” left our world earlier this year.  We just recently got the word.

Mark Jane young

Mark Pirro and Jane Jasper around mid 1980s


Jane only appeared in two of our movies.  In addition to “Buns,” she was a body double  in our 1979 James Bond parody, “The Spy Who Did it Better.”   Jane gave up acting around the mid-80’s, then eventually moved to Florida, where she was to remain until her death.  Click below to see lovely Jane in her scene from “Buns.”  Her co-star in the scene is longtime Pirromount stalwart, John McCafferty, in his first appearance in a Pirromount movie,

I last saw Jane in 2011 when I was on a shoot in Florida.  In addition to actress, Jane was also a singer and a talented hair stylist.  Around the mid 2000’s, Jane married another Pirromount actor, Alfie Pearl.  Alfie appeared in two of our movies, “Polish Vampire in Burbank,” and “Curse of the Queerwolf.”  Alfie passed away in 2007.

Rest in Peace, Janie.  And thank you for your love and friendship.

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