Mingling with the stars at Mockingjay 2 Premiere

Mark Pirro November 18, 2015

including reuniting with “Rage of Innocence” star Stef Dawson

stef 04 mockingjay 2

Stef Dawson spotting us on the red carpet

We attended the Mockingjay 2 premiere and party in Los Angeles, and met up with former Pirromount actress, Stef Dawson, who starred in our 2014 Thriller “Rage of Innocence.”  It was great to see her again, and she was just as lovely as she ever was.  We were on the red carpet and watched her sign autographs and dance for the crowd.  Also walking the red carpet were Mockingjay actors Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks, Jeffrey Wright, Woody Harrelson and many others.

After the screening, the party was quite an elegant affair.  There was enough food there to feed several third world countries.

Thanks to Pirromount alumni Mike Polydoros for arranging to get us into this prestigious event.


Stef waving to the crowd at the Mockingjay 2 premiere

Stef waving to the crowd at the Mockingjay 2 premiere

Fun times.

stef dancing

Stef dancing for the crowd on the red carpet

Click on the links below to see some moments from the red carpet

Stef and my meeting on the red carpet.

Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lawrence

Stef dancing for the crowd

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