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Rage of Innocence Premiere

Mark Pirro November 17, 2014


Our Rage of Innocence premiere was a smashing success.  Based on all the positive feedback we received, I guess it’s safe to assume the audience was pleased with it.  When all we’ve done in the past have been comedies, we would get immediate feedback at our premieres.  Either it gets laughs in various places or it doesn’t (of course, it does).  However, in this case, the movie was a thriller and there are no immediate reactions except for the scenes where there are shocks and the audience jumps.  It was an interesting experience for me.


John McCafferty and Tammy Klein entering the theatre

Although we didn’t take an official headcount, we estimate about 170 people attended (it seems actor Keeshan Giles had his own rooting section).  IMG_7884Caterer Groupzee Devlin created a tasty batch of finger foods which were served before the movie.  After the movie, people didn’t want to leave, which was fine.  It’s always cool as a satisfied audience meets and greets the actors.  It’s cool for the audience and especially cool for the actors, who get to be celebrities for a night.

IMG_7910Our Facebook page has been lighting up with literally dozens and dozens of pictures and comments from many in attendance. It’s been five years since our last movie premiere (The God Complex) and it seems like it’s been barely a month.  Bringing old and new friends together for an event like this is what really makes it all worth while.  Making a movie is like having a child.  You conceive it, you nourish it, you watch it grow and form, then it’s born.  I’d say the birth was a success.  Nobody died of childbirth and the kid has all its appendages.  Now, only time will tell if the kid graduates from an Ivy League college or becomes a prostitute.


Flying high, some of the cast from “Rage of Innocence” lined up to meet their fans.

Director Pirro interviewed by the Roving Reporter

Above and below, Director Pirro interviewed by the Roving Reporter

Rage of Innocence Premiere_1107TL700x467

Tammy Klein as Louise Sutton (mother to the evil Raven) and Chelsea Cook as Sharon Marsden (an innocent pawn in Raven's corrupt world)

Tammy Klein as Louise Sutton (mother to the evil Raven) and Chelsea Cook as Sharon Marsden (an innocent pawn in Raven’s corrupt world)

Pirro (far right) presents the stellar cast of "Rage of Innocence" after the showing.

 above and below – Pirro (far right) presents the stellar cast of “Rage of Innocence” after the showing.

Rage of Innocence Premiere_1038TL700x427

Rage of Innocence Premiere_1138TL700x467

Keeshan Giles, John McCafferty, Tyrone Dubose all appear in “Rage of Innocence.”


Rage of Innocence Premiere_1073TL700x467

A good portion of the cast and crew from “Rage of Innocence.”


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Neil Russell
Neil Russell

Congratulations on a successful premiere. That’s always a good feeling when the crowd is that enthusiastic, especially after the final credits roll!
Can’t wait for the DVD release

Mark Pirro is the Owner of Pirromount Studios.