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Pirromount Team Shoots New Commercial

Press Release July 29, 2014

for Better Bakery Pretzel Melts

Pirromount was commissioned to film a new commercial for a delicious product called a Pretzel Melt. Naturally, we pulled in our ace production team (Bruce Heinsius, John Ahern), as well as a few of our best actors (Lauren Baldwin, Bill Devlin, Hank Grover), and added a few new ones into the mix, to create a new commercial for this unique and delicious product.  The commercial takes place in a boardroom, where the President, Vice President, Junior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President above all other Vice Presidents, and others try to come up with a new campaign to tell the world about this great tasting item.



It’s great to direct great people. Pirro gives his gang a reassuring wave.

We filmed this on location, thanks to our good friends at Facts and Figures in Sherman Oaks.  They were nice enough to let us use one of their focus groups rooms for an interrogation scene for “Rage of Innocence.”  So, when we needed a boardroom for this commercial, they were nice enough to accommodate us again.  It really is nice to have good friends in this business, and it’s better to let them know whenever you can how much you appreciate them.


We make a living on relying on the help and services of our good friends.  Many times we have no budget to speak of when we’re doing our own projects, so whenever a project comes along where we actually have a budget, we try to reward our loyal ensemble by giving them work.  The five people I brought into this production came directly from the Pirromount talent pool.  I’ll let you know when and where this will be airing when the time comes.


Pirro rolling the camera along the table for a dramatic effect.


Lovely Lauren Baldwin has appeared in two of our feature films, one of our Submissive Jesus commercial, our faux Geico Commecial, and now this.

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