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stunning stef2

Jennifer Lawrence and Stef Dawson signing autographs at the Mockingjay Premiere party which I had the privilege to attend

At the Mockingjay premiere, I watched our lovely Stef Dawson (Raven Sutton in Rage of Innocence) radiate as she walked the red carpet.  She looked stunning, as you can see by the pictures we have here.  Unfortunately, as the stars moved forward, the cameras were on the opposite side of where we stood, so they mostly had their backs to us, facing the cameras.  When we saw Stef approach with her back to us, a bunch of us on the sidelines coordinated a loud, “STEFFFFF” to which she turned around and spotted us waving at her.

stef 3

Stef responding to our screaming out her name, and waving to us.

She said, “Oh my god, I found you!” and did she ever.  Click below to see that fun moment on video.

stef spotting us on walkway

I’m so proud of our Stef.  She is gorgeous, talented, and has more integrity than many actors I have met and/or worked with in my 30 year career.  We at Pirromount are so proud of her and so happy that we had a chance to work with her before this big break sent her into another galaxy.  Check out some pictures from the premiere and party.

stef for web1
No pictures please. Let the star pass. Stef Dawson entering the Mockingjay Premiere Party
stef for web2
Stef Dawson and her mom, who is just as lovely.
Stef, her mom, and Pirro at the Mockingjay Premiere VIP party
Stef, her mom, and Pirro at the Mockingjay Premiere VIP party
stunning stef
They don’t come any more stunning than this. The absolutely gorgeous Stef Dawson showing off her star quality at the Mockingjay premiere.  Now I know how a proud father would feel.  This lady is class all the way.
Mockingjay premiere in area
Looks like we even made it on the news. Pirro is on the bottom right of the screen, more interested in working the camera and getting a good shot than basking in the excitement of the evening.

Want to see Stef Dawson really radiate star quality, click below and tell me if you have ever seen anyone look so glamorous. A star is born

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