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Here are some production stills from Curse of the Queerwolf

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crew qwolf

Top – Associate Producer slating and blocking Taylor Whitney;  – Pirro, Taylor Whitney, and Bruce Heinsius


Queerwolf hunters Bottom – Pirro with cameraman Bruce Heinsius


Top – Darwyn Carson, Cynthia Brownell;    Pirro shooting Sharon Alsina during the Fagxorcism

shooting the mountain men

Shooting the Queerbilly scene – with Pirro on camera, Sergio Bandera on sound, others on set, Brian Smith, Eric Megison, Tim Ralston, John McCafferty and Pat Hunter as the Queerbillies

more queerbillies

Left – Queerbillies John McCafferty, Tim Ralston, Patrick Hunter Right – Sergio Bandera, Mark Pirro and an  over-blimped camera


more queerbillies

Pirro shooting more of the Queerbilly scene, with John McCafferty and Tim Ralston in tree

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