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Here are a collection of production stills from A Polish Vampire in Burbank.  Click on images to zoom in or out.

Polish Vampire Productions Stills | Pirromount Studios

Top – The famous “Bassuk Crane.” Middle – shooting the hot tub scene, Bottom – Pirro and Lori Sutton

more PV stuff

Top –  Cameraman Craig Bassuk, Production Assistant Bruce Heinsius,  Middle – Pirro in coffin.  Pirro, Paul Farbman (Queerwolf) and John McCafferty from Jacuzzi scene  Bottom – Bruce Heinsius and Mark Pirro ‘killing’ Eddie Deezen, Bassuk and Pirro in Delore’s apt.



Various Stills from Polish Vampire | Pirromount Pictures

Mark castle

Pirro building Dupah’s room in castle


various castle shots

Various shots from castle set

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