Deathrow Gameshow home game

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A one of a kind movie prop from the Pirromount archives



This is a one of a kind and rare prop from the 1987 Pirromount comedy “Deathrow Gameshow,”which features the likeness of game show host Chuck Toedan (John McCafferty).  It is a fictional version of a ‘home game’ from the show.  Although this was made for the movie, it was never used in the film.  However, it was ultimately used in the 1991 Pirromount comedy “Nudist Colony of the Dead” in a blink and you’ll miss segment where the kids are playing around during the ‘Inky Dinky Doo Dah” song (see screen shot below).


This item is over 30 years old and was stored in the Pirromount vault, so it’s a bit dusty and worn, however, if you are a collector of props from cult films, or a fan of either Deathrow Gameshow or Nudist Colony of the Dead, this is for you.
Production designer Mark Simon created this mock up game using the box from the Family Feud home version and completely reworked it to turn it into the Deathrow Gameshow prop.  Please note that this is not a real game.  It is an empty box with a top and bottom.