Polish Vampire Delores Skull



$1500IMG_5594This is the original skull used as the deceased “Delores’ in the 1983 feature film, “A Polish Vampire in Burbank.”  It was used exclusively in the last few minutes in the movie after Delores (Lori Sutton) expires in the morning sun.  The skull is made out of plastic.  The hair on the head is a bit frizzy, and the eye sockets are empty, and alas, the lower jaw is no longer there.

IMG_5595The eyelashes are painted on, and look exactly as you remember them from the movie.  There is only one of these, and it will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the star and director of the movie, Mark Pirro.


Below are four stills from how the skull appeared at the end  of the movie.  Own this one of a kind piece of cinematic cult history.  It’ll never be cheaper.

delores 1 delores 2 delores 3 delores 4