Lauren Baldwin Real Foods ad

This is a commercial produced by Pirromount Pictures for a delicious product called Real Good Pizzas and Enchiladas.  The video stars Pirromount stable players Bill Devlin, Lauren Baldwin and Ron Curtiss.

submissive jesus

These are a series of commercials produced for “The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head.” Yes, this is a real product, available here. The toy works somewhat like the “Magic 8 Ball,” but much more interactive. You say a prayer asking Submissive Jesus for whatever your heart desires. Then you have to gently twist the  [ Read More ]

This commercial was produced for Dr. Sean Behnam: a Santa Monica hair restoration doctor. This commercial has testimonials by many of Dr. Behnam’s patients, as well as an explanation of what the surgery entails. Cinematography Braddon Mendelson, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

This is for a new type of clothes hanger: The Glide-A-Hanger. This special hanger is designed to not only save on closet space, but allows the user to glide the clothes along the rack. Produced by Mark Presser Cinematography by Mark Pirro

Bill Devlin stars in a commercial shot by Pirromount for a product known variably as the No Tip Sip Mug and Magic Mug

This amazing cup can not tip over. Featuring Bill Devlin Written and Produced by Mark Presser Cinematography Mark Pirro Directed by Mark Pirro

Behind the scenes of Pirromount's commercial for "Better Bakery Pretzel Melts."

Featuring Pirromount actors Lauren Baldwin, Bill Devlin, Hank Grover. Cinematographer Bruce Heinsius Directed by Mark Pirro

still from Pirromount's Geico parody commercial

These are a few faux Geico commercials based on the campaign that they had going around 2010. The commercials feature various Pirromount performers as John McCafferty, Keeshan Giles, Andy Guss, David Chan, Doug McPherson, Lauren Baldwin and Dani Leon