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Celluloid Soul – First mini review

Mark Pirro February 10, 2018

Lauren Baldwin and Dennis Kinard in Pirromount's Celluloid Soul

As our 2017 feature film, Celluloid Soul, starts making its way around the festival circuit, it has received its first review.  It’s from a website called “SearchMyTrash.”  Not the most inviting title, but we take whatever publicity we can get.  Naturally, as a new film circulates around the festival world, there will be good comments and bad ones.  So, we’re off to a good start.  We will probably start streaming this film later this year.  For now, you can order pre-release DVDs via our order page on this website.  This is a limited edition which we are offering to our fans exclusively before the official release.   You can see the review by clicking here.

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