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Uncertain Movies for Uncertain Times

Mark Pirro October 31, 2017

As we consider what our next project will be, it’s not uncommon to reflect upon the times we’re living in.  The world has been going askew for several years now and filmmaking can choose to reflect that.  Although we’re not really inspired to make a movie about President Dolt 45, we do enjoy making streaming shorts.

I think this bizarro world we are currently living in started when Daniel Craig was hired as James Bond.  Once they went against type and chose this guy, all bets were off.  Ugly was now the new handsome; whiny was now the new cool.  Below is a video we made a few years ago, taking posters from the earlier Bond films and altering them to fit in Mr. Craig.  I’ve joked about it over the years, but it stands to reason that once the world accepted a homely, bitchy, unqualified, uncool Bond it would only be a matter of time before they accepted a homely, bitchy, unqualified, uncool president.


And speaking of our dishonorable President Pussygrab, even though he has dragged the country down into the swamp, he has been GOLD for comedy.  In fact, we took a couple of James Bond theme songs and altered them to suit our Commander in Ass.

NOBODY BRAGS IT BETTER – lyrics by Mark Pirro, Performed by Suzanna Thayer

FOR YOUR LIES ONLY – Lyrics by Mark Pirro, Performed by Suzanna Thayer

Now, as members of his team get indicted one by one, and the country (including Fox News viewers) ever so slowly begin to realize the tremendous con they were taken in by, we can only sit back, hope that this imbecile-in-chief doesn’t get us into a nuclear war, and this cancer is removed from office before he does any more damage to the country’s reputation.

One more video I would like to share with you this month.  There was a TV series named “Trackdown” that aired on CBS from 1957 to 1959.  There is one particular episode that is very haunting and quite prophetic.  It deals with a con artist named “Trump” who comes into town to fool the less educated citizens by igniting their ignorance and fear, claiming that only he can protect them by building…wait for it…a wall.  Some people see that he is a con artist, taking advantage of the slow witted sheep who follow his every word (sound familiar?).  Think I’m making this up?  Well, here is a clip from that series:

Talk about life imitating art!  Jesus Placebo Christ!!!  The great thing about this episode is that it ends with the con man Trump getting arrested.  Let’s just hope that life continues to imitate the art of this program, and that we will one day see President Orange Anus arrested as well for the treasonous acts he has  appeared to have committed against the United States citizens.


The day when America will truly be great once again.

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