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Deathrow Gameshow – 30th Anniversary Screening

Mark Pirro October 12, 2017

Sunday, October 22nd 6:30pm

Foreign poster for Pirromount's feature film Deathrow Gameshow, featuring John McCafferty

Well here we go again.  It’s time for yet another anniversary in the Pirromount world. 30 years ago, October 1987, we completed our feature comedy “Deathrow Gameshow” starring Pirromount regular John McCafferty and Robyn Blythe.  The film played theatrically in 40 cities across this great country, in the shadow of a movie called “The Running Man,” which every review at the time compared this to.  Of course, we had no knowledge of that Arnold Schwarzenegger opus while we were producing our little film, but that didn’t stop critics, wondering how we managed to make this clone and get it into theatres a week before Running Man even came out.

Flash forward 30 years, and here we are, still making inexpensive movies, and still celebrating their anniversaries.  In 2003, we had a 30 year anniversary of Polish Vampire in Burbank and 10 year anniversary of Rectuma.  So we will continue that tradition with our 30th anniversary screening of Deathrow Gameshow.  The screening will be held at the Pirrorama Dome theatre in the San Fernando Valley.  Those interested in attending are most likely aware of the location.  Those who don’t know the location, contact us, and maybe we’ll let you attend.  That depends on how devoted of a fan you are.

Deathrow Gameshow came out on Blu Ray for the first time last year and is currently running on Amazon Prime.  In addition to our screening of the remastered version of the movie, we will also be running a 30 minute documentary “Revisiting Deathrow Gameshow,” which chronicles many of the behind the scenes antics that went on during the making of the film.


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