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The Judy Tenuta project that we were scheduled to produce next year has been suspended for now.  I don’t have a reason to give you except that she decided to put a halt to it at this time.  Thank you to all who submitted, and all who were committed to getting involved.  That includes all of you who offered us various locations to film in.  Your devotion won’t go unrewarded.  As we look to the future, you’ll be hearing from us again.

In the meantime, we will be considering a few projects to move forward on.  I have a few scripts in various stages of progress, so I will very likely revisit some of them and see what I feel like spending the next couple years of my life on.

We are also doing promotion on our last film, “Celluloid Soul,” as well as entering it in various festivals.  So that may keep us busy for awhile.  Not to mention that a couple more of our older films can now be seen on Amazon Prime.  Deathrow Gameshow and Nudist Colony of the Dead have been added to the schedule.


Deathrow Gameshow

Stay tuned.

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