We shot our 17th day of production and that puts us over half way through.  Some would say we’re half empty and some would say we’re half full.  Anyway, the last two days of production were the scenes where our hero, Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard) gets taken away by cops after pointing a gun at them; and a couple of scenes where Monty meets with his therapist, Dr. Mulavey (Judy Tenuta).  As usual, all scenes have gone without a hitch.


Tyrone Dubose and Tony Cicchetti in Pirromount's "Celluloid Soul."

Pirromount Alumni Tyrone Dubose and Tony Cicchetti as cops in “Celluloid Soul.”

Judy Tenuta in Celluloid Soul

Dr. Mulavey (Judy Tenuta) treats Monty to some advice in Pirromount’s “Celluloid Soul.”

We have four psychiatrist scenes with Ms. Tenuta.  We shot two, and there are two more left.  There are a few more elaborate scenes to shoot before we can wrap production on this one.  One is an intricate car crash and the other is an equally intricate hospital scene.  As we will be using a sound stage for the hospital scene, that will most likely be the most expensive part of this movie.

Dennis Kinard, Judy Tenuta and Bruce Heinsius at work on "Celluloid Soul."

Dennis Kinard, Bruce Heinsius on Camera, and Judy Tenuta on set.

We’re really pleased how this is coming along.  A couple more days of shooting and I think I will start putting together a teaser trailer.  I would say that we still have about 9 days left to shoot, but as usual, those nine days will take months.  Onward…

Judy Tenuta and Dennis Kinard in Pirrmount's "Celluloid Soul."

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