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Pirromount’s Next Feature Film – CELLULOID SOUL

Press Release August 20, 2015

Projected release date 2017

We’re putting the finishing touches on the first draft of the screenplay which most likely will become our next feature film, “Celluloid Soul.”  The movie is about a depressed writer who spots a beautiful young actress in a black and white movie from 1939 and becomes obsessed with her.  This inspires him to write a screenplay about this unknown and long forgotten actress.  He tries to research her and find out exactly who she was, with no luck.  He can’t find out anything: her name, her biography, her film credits, nothing.  That is, until he gets a phone call from her.

Celluloid Soul copy

The plan is to have a finished first draft before the end of fall, then it would be nice to be in pre-production by the end of the year, then spend most of 2016 in production.  We’ll see how that all pans out.  So, any of the usual Pirromount team that is ready to begin another project: get ready to make contact again.  If you’re an actor and would like to be considered for any of the parts, let me know.  As usual, I plan on using a lot of our regular stable of players, but we always tend to bring in two or three newbies.  Stand by…

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