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Sharknado 3 Premiere

Mark Pirro July 23, 2015

and after party


Thanks to our friend and Pirromount veteran, visual effects artist Glenn Campbell, Judy Tenuta and I were invited to the Sharknado 3 premiere and party.  Who would have thought that a movie about sharks caught in a tornado would become a franchise, three movies strong, with a fourth one in the works?  They even made an Archie comic based on it!  What’s next?  A movie about a giant ass that terrorizes a major city?  Oh wait…

sharknado3The Westwood Theatre, where the premiere and party were held at, was amazing.  The seats leaned way back (not unlike the seats at the Pirromount Theatre), and they even had room service.  Push a button and a waiter comes to your chair to take your order, whether it be food, snacks, wine or any other beverage.


Pirro and Judy lounging in the theatre, enjoying all the comforts of home

Rage of Innocence actress, Tammy Klein, worked alongside Glenn on some of the visual effects for the movie.  After the movie, we all partied in a reception area at the theatre.  Fun for all.

Judy Tenuta being interviewed on the red carpet

Judy Tenuta being interviewed on the red carpet


Judy on the red carpet

sharknado14Some of the actors from the movie were on hand, including Lou (Incredible Hulk) Ferrigno, and Bill Mahar’s favorite guest, Ann Coulter.


Judy Tenuta with Lou Ferrigno

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