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Pirromount Launching a new Campaign – #L.I.P. Challenge

Mark Pirro June 24, 2015

L.I.P. – Live in Peace

Click the video below to learn all about Pirromount’s new “LIP – LIVE IN PEACE” Challenge.  Then share the link with your social media friends.

Why is it that so many of us wait until a friend dies before we say all the great things we loved about them? I’d like to start a trend where we can post those type of comments while they’re still here. I’m calling the #LIP Challenge (LIVE IN PEACE).

The video explains how it works. If you have someone in your life that you appreciate, don’t wait for them to pass away before you say all the things you would say if they were gone. Say it now. Post it on your Facebook Page or Twitter account, or wherever you would put a post if you found out that a friend had passed. They will see it and it will very likely make their day, or even their whole year.

Consider this the ‘ice bucket challenge’ of the heart.

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