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New Pirromount Screenplay is Underway

Mark Pirro March 25, 2015

becoming-a-successful-freelancer3-typewriter.s600x6001Well, after finishing our last film, Rage of Innocence, it’s time once again to start the process of creating our next project.  We are currently writing it, and I must tell you, the writing process is probably one of the toughest parts of independent filmmaking (that, of course, and selling the damn thing).  I have written numerous screenplays, 10 of which have been made into movies, and it never gets easier.  But, creative expression forces us to forge ahead.

The current movie we’re writing is part comedy/part mystery.  Although it was fun making a straight thriller last year, I did miss the comedy elements that were the signature of our previous movies.  So this next will be a balance of the two.  It will have some of the suspense of “Rage of Innocence,” and yet the comedy of some of our earlier works.

That’s about all I can say for now.  Keep checking back for updates.

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