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Another Pirromount actress Reunion

Mark Pirro June 30, 2014

taylor markEvery once in awhile, Curse of the Queerwolf actress Taylor Whitney comes into town.  Whenever that happens, we usually try to hook up.  And when we hook up, it’s usually at the restaurant where we filmed the climactic scene at the end of our movie, Miceli’s Restaurant in Universal City.  This visit was no different.   In fact, we were seated at the very same booth where we shot the scene at almost 30 years ago.  She is still looking as stunning as ever.

taylor mark2

Pirro and Taylor setting up a shot for our 1988 comedy, Curse of the Queerwolf.

It’s always nice to see her whenever she rolls into town.  Taylor now runs her own company called “Preserving the Past” in Rochester, New York.  Her company restores movies, pictures, memories, etc.  We’re all proud of her for her achievements and are happy to have had her as an early pioneer of the Pirromount family.  Taylor also worked behind the scenes with us on our 1992 movie, Buford’s Beach Bunnies.  If you’ve never seen Taylor’s comedic performance as Lois Gerstel, the faithful girlfriend of bar hopping Lawrence Smalbut in our 1988 comedy, do yourself a favor and check it out.  Before 2003’s Rectuma, we all considered Queerwolf Pirromount’s funniest movie.

taylor mark at micelis

Pirro and Taylor at the infamous Miceli’s booth in the movie Curse of the Queerwolf.

You can see her in the trailer here, although she’s only in two quick cuts.  .

Also, we are selling off some rare one of a kind items from Curse of the Queerwolf. You can purchase original props from the movie with certificates of authenticity at our Pirrophernalia page.

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