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After talking to several contenders, and meeting with some incredibly talented people, we would like to welcome music composer Jerry Danielsen to the Pirromount family.  Jerry will be composing the original music for our upcoming film “Rage of Innocence,” starring Stef Dawson and John McCafferty.

Music Composer Jerry Daniesen

Music Composer Jerry Danielsen

After only two meetings with Jerry, I got to see all his amazing state of the art toys, and  sensed that he was the one for us. Jerry shares the same passion and enthusiasm for his work and creativity as the rest of the Pirromount gang, and I am confident that he will bring a dynamic score to our project.

Jerry at work

Jerry at work in his state of the art studio

Jerry was introduced to us through associate Brad Mendelson. As coincidence would have it, it seems that Jerry has scored many of the short films produced by Pirromount actor Paul Bunnell. The strange thing is that Mendelson had met Jerry through their recent political endeavors, and had nothing to do with Bunnell’s early association with him, yet here we all are. That’s quite a coincidence. But we have to look to the stars and thank non-existent God above for bringing this association together.  We will keep you posted on our musical progression.  We hope to have the majority of the film scored by mid to late summer.

You can check out Jerry’s website by clicking here, and even hear some samples of his music.  If you’re an indie filmmaker and are looking for a passionate professional who loves what he does, you might consider Jerry for your own needs…after he’s done with our film, of course.

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