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Bill Devlin as Noah in Pirromount's 2009 Biblical opus, "The God Complex."

Bill Devlin as Noah in Pirromount’s 2009 Biblical opus, “The God Complex.”

Well, there it is. Our 2009 account of Noah’s Ark, in our motion picture “The God Complex,” is a bit more Biblically accurate than the recently released Russell Crowe motion picture.  And although both movies took ‘artistic license’ with the story from the old testament, ours may have come a little closer to the mark.

The ark under construction in "The God Complex."

The ark under construction in “The God Complex.”


Both movies depict the struggles that Noah deals with in his determination to survive this great flood, and both movies deal with the grizzly aftermath of all the death and destruction caused by the forces of nature, but only our movie depicts God as the tyrant that he is and how Noah and his family proceeded to repopulate the earth with a better breed of humans.

After the flood, there are a lot of corpses to deal with.  Nobody talks about this in Sunday School.

After the flood, there are a lot of corpses to deal with. Nobody talks about this in Sunday School.

You can check out the Noah segment from “The God Complex” in its entirety by clicking below.  And if you like what you see, you can see the whole story of God from the beginning to contemporary times by ordering “The God Complex,” through our Pirrophernalia page.  The film covers the creation of the universe, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, the story of Abraham and Isaac, the torment of Job, Moses and the burning bush, the supernatural rape of the Virgin Mary, her lawsuit against God in ‘The Deities’ Court,” Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion, and what God and Jesus are up to today.  It’s truly a spiritual journey.

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