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Glenn Campbell on the mend

Mark Pirro March 13, 2014

Pirromount alum and visual effects artist Glenn Campbell is still on the mend after over a month of treatment for his acute Leukemia.  It was a rough month, full of drugs, sleep, pain, induced comas and foggy memories.  I’m happy to report that after all that, he is responding well to the treatments and is now out of the hospital.  He is currently in the care of his mother, who is doing a marvelous job bringing him back to health.  His daily regimen is a series of injections, chemo pills and sleep.  He is regaining his strength and slowly beginning to return to a reasonably normal lifestyle.

Glenn Campbell on the last day of his hospital stay.

Glenn Campbell on the last day of his hospital stay.

Sure, his hair is gone, but you know what? It’s a good look for him. He sort of has a Latte Isaac Hayes thing going for him.  Anyway, our best wishes are with him for a speedy recovery.  I won’t insult him by saying our ‘prayers’ are with him, since that would be futile since God gave him the Leukemia to begin with and why would anyone want to pray to the asshole who caused the illness in the first place?  That’s like Sharon Tate’s family asking Charles Manson out to dinner.  Anyway, we know he’ll beat this thing.  He’s a big guy!

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