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South Park episode 201 finally leaked

Mark Pirro February 6, 2014

south park mohammadSome of you may remember how pissed off I was when episode 201 of South Park was censored and banned from ever being shown again.  I was so pissed that I ‘uncensored’ the episode as best I could, and put it here on this website (After three years I recently received a takedown demand from the pussies at Viacom).  What I couldn’t uncensor, however, was the 43 second monologue, which was bleeped in its entirety.  All I could do was put subtitles over the bleeped monologue.  The subtitles were taken from information I had received from an early draft of the episode.  Well, it turns out I got it all wrong and  someone finally leaked it to the Internet, and here it is!  The closing monologue from episode 201 (by the way, the censorship bar in this clip was actually part of the joke but got lost in translation by many because of the network’s real censorship).

Also, you can find the uncensored entire episode downloadable at the bit torrent site here.  If for any reason that link doesn’t work, try this one.   It took four years, but finally freedom of speech WINS!

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