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Elton in hospital

Emmy Award visual effects artist and longtime Pirromount associate and friend Glenn Campbell was recently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy for it.  While undergoing treatment, a few complications ensued and he was put on a respirator and rendered unconscious for about a week.   When I last saw him, he was doing quite a lot better than the above picture shows.  He is now conscious and less drugged up than when we visited him earlier this month.  When asked how he felt about all this, Campbell joked, “God was probably aiming for Mark Pirro, but He’s so incompetent at his job, he missed him and hit me!”

Glenn, most recently.  He's out of ICU, but still not necessarily out of the woods.

Glenn, most recently. He’s out of ICU, but still not necessarily out of the woods.


elton drink


Mr. Campbell has been associated with Pirromount films since he co-starred in the short comedy, “Buns” in 1978.  Since then, he has been involved in some capacity on every Pirromount feature filmed since then.  The news of his Leukemia has sent shock waves throughout the Pirromount community.

Mr. Campbell was helping us out with with visual effects for our current feature film, Rage of Innocence, when he was diagnosed with the Leukemia.    Anyone wishing to send cards or letters, you can send them to us and we will forward them to him.

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